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Our professional services

   - Definition of the accounting structure.
  - Organization, codification and typing of vouchers resulting from business operations..
  - Processing of journal entries, adjustments and preparation of monthly closings.
  - Bank reconciliations.
  - Treasury and payment to suppliers.
  - Administration of fixed assets.
  - Conciliation and squaring of auxiliary accounts.
  - Edition and delivery of interim financial information monthly and annually.
  - Issuance of monthly and annual interim financial statements.
  - Assistance during external audit process.
  - Valuation of shares and intangibles.

   - Fixed assets and merchandise survey.
  - Destruction of inventories.
  - Certification of destruction of inventories.
  - Physical intakes of materials and fixed assets.

  - Payroll processing into the different bank accounts of employees.
  - Payroll processing into the different bank accounts of employees.
  - Preparation of reports and updating of records to governmental entities.
  - Control of legal deductions and financial obligations to staff.
  - Issuance of work certificates or proof of salary.
  - Calculation, control and payment management for vacations.
  - Preparation and refer templates to Social
  - Delivery of payment vouchers to employees.
  - Payroll processing, expenses and provisions associated by cost centers.
  - Wage settlements.
  - Assistance in preparation and payment to tax authorities of wage withholding statements and 
      social charges.

   - Local and international tax planning.

  - Tax compliance services: preparation and / or monthly review of tax returns
       Income tax for individuals / legal entities / free zones, such as:

     a)  Indirect taxes.
     b)  Selective Taxes.
     c)  Employee withholdings..
     d)  Withholdings for professionals and independent workers.
     e)  Report of costs and local purchases.
     f)  Imports.
     g)  Sales report.
     h)  Remittances abroad.
     i)  Taxes on transfers of industrialized goods and services (ITBIS).
     j)  NCF control.
     k)  Annotated NCF report.

  - Tax consultations.
  - Companies with special regimes.
  - Fiscal Due Diligence.
  - Tax defenses in administrative and judicial proceedings.
  - Advice on Mergers and Acquisitions.
  - Preparation of the annual tax declaration.

   - Preparation of Transfer Price Studies.
  - Preparation of an Informative Statement of operations with Related Companies.
  - Tax audits appeal and dispute settlement.
  - Corporate restructuring in terms of transfer prices.

  - Specialized services in risk analysis and evaluation.
  - Identification and establishments of manual and automatic controls for a better performance
     in the company.  
  - Evaluation and understanding of business processes.
  - Outsourcing for recurring supervision of established controls and identification of

   - Recruitment and staff selection.
  - Design of development plans for strategic positions.
  - Assessment of positions and pay scale.
  - Advice on change processes.

   - Audit of financial statements.
  - Review of financial statements.
  - Special reviews.
  - Procedures previously agreed.
  - Compilation of financial statements.
  - Implementation of IFRS and IFRS Pymes.
  - Training on IFRS and IFRS Pymes.
  - Advice on complex accounting treatments.
  - Advice on regulatory issues.
  - Translation of financial statements to other currencies.

   - Incorporation of companies.
   - Labor Consultations. 
  - Corporate Image (implementation, development, restructuring and positioning).
  - Design and implementation of business management systems.